BLACK & DECKER PowerPro 250-Watt Hand Mixer, 5 Speeds

BLACK & DECKER PowerPro 250-Watt Hand Mixer, 5 Speeds

Price: $ 30.00


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Mix, whisk, and knead with the BLACK+DECKER Versatile 5-Speed Hand Mixer. This set includes two professional-style beaters, two dough hooks, and one chefs whisk; allowing you to quickly create cake and cookie batters, bread doughs, spreads and dips, homemade whipped cream, or whipped egg whites for a tasty meringue. The 250-watt motor runs at five speeds, including a more controlled starting speed that helps reduce spatters.,1000_QL80_.jpg

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Black & Decker MX300 PowerPro 250-Watt Mixer White

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