Proper Care of Dish Cloths and Kitchen Towels

Proper Care of Dish Cloths and Kitchen Towels

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(Yes, that is a fresh pan of brownies on the stove.) Dish cloths and kitchen towels fall into a different category of ‘typical’ laundry.  Like cloth diapers, kitchen towels need to be washed in their own load of towels – not with jeans, tshirts, underwear and the like. Kitchen towels and dish cloths are the perfect environment for efficient breeding of bacteria:  they’re wet, often scrunched in a ball (so they don’t dry out), often warm and sometimes hiding in a dark place waiting to be washed. I will readily admit that I switch kitchen towels and dish cloths often.

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Size and color:10x6 inch,20 Pack Kitchen towels,5 colors, (Green + gray, purple + gray, pink + gray, pink + green, pink + purple, 4 pieces per color)

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