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സർവേശ വചനം

CMSI Ref. Number 009-018
Title Sarvēśavachanam
സർവേശ വചനം

Language Malayalam
Author of text Fr. Louis Maliekal, C.M.I.
Composer of melody Fr. Thomas Kandathil, C.M.I.
Performer(s) Fr. Joseph Palackal and Chorus

Source text

Christian Bhajans

Lyrics text

Date of composition of text/melody
Performance space
Performance context
Typesetting by Sherin Joseph
Recordings DCS-018 Sarvesavachanam - Christian Bhajans by Dr. Joseph J. Palackal
Comments Fr. Louis Maliekal (1936-2019) was one of the organizers of the “Indian liturgy” at Dharmaram College in the 1970s. One of the classrooms became a makeshift chapel, and the small group of students and staff squatted on the floor around a brass oil lamp. Fr. Maliekal wrote this four-line chant on the attributes of the word of God to be sung before the proclamation of the gospel. Fr. Thomas Kandathil (1942-2012), though not a regular attendee at the Indian liturgy, composed the melody. I was a regular attendee of the Indian liturgy and used to sing this chant at Mass. We would also use this text and melody during Bible services in preparation for great feasts. Thus, the chant became all too familiar to the Dharmaram community. Because of its popularity, I thought the chant would be a good fit for the LP record. .... Read More

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