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Anthem of the Mysteries


CMSI Ref Number MA-ENG-04-DCS-077

Anthem of the Mysteries

Language English
Composer of melody Joseph J. Palackal and George Thaila
Music Arrangements David Claman and Dennis K. Poulose
Sung by: Joseph J. Palackal,, Feba Thoyalil and Chorus

"In the Lord I put my firm trust."

Here is our Lord's precious Body and Blood;
With love and respect,
Let us gather by this altar.
Let us all join with the heavenly choir and sing:
God is holy, holy, holy for ever.

"The poor will eat and be satisfied."

Here is our Lord's ...

Notation Text dandelion-53800 1280 dandelion-53800 1280
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Date of composition of text/melody 2007
Category Liturgical
Performance space Church
Performance context  
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