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Call Number : DCS-266



( Homage to Fr. Cherian Nereveetil)

In the Voice of

Fr. Abel, CMI

Call Number : DCS-266

  • Lyrics -Translated from Syriac melody "Etha Pus Lek" by Fr.Abel, CMI
  • Language - Malayalam
  • Singer - Fr. .Abel, CMI
  • Original Video Reference - Aramaic Project-11. 26. - "Witawangunnen" Fr. Abel, CMI sings Malayalam version of Etha Pus Lek
  • Orginally Recorded at - Kalabhavan Studio in December 1997.
  • Youtube URL (DCS -266 ) -
  • Youtube Video Published on - May 2021

IN HOMAGE TO Fr. CHERIAN NEREVEETIL A joyful priest who lived the theology of breaking Bread in the Eucharist. He sang for the Lord while on earth. Now, may he sing with the heavenly choir. Pūš bašlāmmā (Remain in peace!) 'Witavaangunnen" the farewell song in the voice of Fr. Abel Periappuram, CMI. Original track available at

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
27 May 2021

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