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Jeevithamoru Neerppolayallayo

( ജീവിതമൊരു നീർപ്പോളയല്ലയോ )

A song for the Covid season

Music for Life


Fr. Joseph J. Palackal, CMI

Music - Peter-Reuben (Vanamutham, Chennai)

Call Number : DCS-257

  • Lyrics -Kannadi Vijaya Prakash
  • Music - Peter-Reuben (Vanamutham, Chennai)
  • Music arrangement - Jerry Amaldev
  • Album - Music for Life Deccan Records, Bengaluru
  • Directory of Christian Songs - CMSI-230

Kannadi Vijayapraksh wrote the lyrics of this song in 1975 for the popular Christian radio program, Vanamutham . Christian Arts and Communications Service in Chennai under the auspices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church sponsored the program. The radio broadcast of Christian songs in Malayalam was very popular in Kerala in the 1970s. The Peter-Reuben duo composed the captivating melody in Shivaranjini ragam. The recording took place at the studio on Eldams Road in Chennai. This was the second time I was invited to sing for the program. The lyricist, a Hindu, wrote a reflective song about the fleeting nature of life. The message is universal. The touching lyrics and the melody attracted the audience. After the first broadcast, the listeners requested repeats, and eventually, this became my most popular song.

This song and its popular appeal prompted me to think of a new genre of Malayalam music that is meant for every Malayalee, irrespective of religious affiliations. That thought led to the album Music For Life (Deccan Records, Bengaluru). I also wanted to expand my audience to non-Christians and grow beyond my image as a singer of Christian devotional songs. Jerry Amaldev, the album's composer, was kind enough to include the song in the album and made the music arrangement. This is the first song that was recorded in my voice at the newly constructed Deecan Studios in Indira Nagar in Bengaluru.

We are reposting this track as a soothing therapy for the mind at the precarious time of covid-19. Kannadi Vijayapraksh could not have imagined the predicament that we are in at present due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, the lyrics strike an uncanny resonance to the current experience in Kerala and India. We hope the song will serve as self-help to many people.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
30 April 2021

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