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क्रिस्तुं कन्यासुतं

Kristum kanyāsutam

CMSI Ref. Number MA-SAN-03-DCS-027

Kristum kanyāsutam
क्रिस्तुं कन्यासुतं

Language Sanskrit
Author of text

Lyrics - Chevalier I.C. Chacko
Text selected, translated and introduced by - Fr. Francis Vineeth CMI

Composer of melody Anto Amarnad, C.M.I.

Source of text

Kristu Sahranamam


Transliteration in English

1. Kristum kanyāsutam vande
Mṛtam mṛtyuñjayam param
Raktīkṛtāsavam dehi-
Kṛtāpupam anaśvaram
Kristum kanyāsutam vande

2. Ākṣipta-vasanam vande
Pujyam-api-atidhikṛtam. Kristum.....

3. Kapotavatara-jñātam
Divya-meṣam sanātanam
Śantam śantimatām-ādyam
Praņamāmi-akasūdanam. Kristum.....

4. Samudkīrņṇa-karam
Trilōkīsam-anaśvaram. Kristum...

5. Śvētāsva-vāhanam
Rakta-sikta-vāsasam īśvaram
Divya-vāk-abhidham vande
Rāja-rājam prabhu-prabhum. Kristum....

6. Kṣata-pārśvam kṣata-tanum
Kṣata-pādam kṣata-karam
Dhṛta-lōkākha-gauravam. Kristum....


Translation in English

I bow to thee, Christ, son of the Virgin
Who by dying overcame our death;
Wine you made your blood,
And your body you formed from bread.

Stripped off garments
With hands fastened to the pillar
Scourged by soldiers
Though all holy, you are ridiculed
I bow to Thee

Proclaimed by the dove descending
You are the lamb divine, the everlasting
The peaceful, the prince of peace
I adore you, the slayer of malice.

O eternal Lord of the three world
Torn are your two feet by nails
Pierced are your hands
And cut is your heart by lance.

Clad in the dress drenched with the blood
You ride on your horse gleaming white
The Word Divine is your nameKing of kings,
Lord of lords, I bow to thee.

Battered in body, with side pierced
The crown of thorns you wearWith bleeding feet and wounded handsT
he sins of the world you bear
I bow to thee

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Performance space  
Recordings Kristu Sahasranamam - Track 1
DCS-268 DCS-027

Dr. Francis Vineeth Vadakkethala, CMI (1935-2021), was a star professor at Dharmaram College, Bengaluru. Staff and students who were inclined toward inculturation used to look forward to listening to Dr. Vineeth’s homilies which exposed his unique way of thinking. Dr. Vineeth explained the Gospel in Indian philosophical terms. Dr. Vineeth believed that Christianity in India should be Indian in every aspect. Music was one such aspect. ..Goto Notes Page


Note by Dr. Francis Vineeth, CMI

A deep longing welled up in my heart as I pondered over the amazing work of Chevalier I.C. Chacko, the Kristu-Sahasra-Namam. And it became my cherished dream to bring it to the devotional life of Indian Christians. A Thousand Names of Christ! . Just a thousand epithets and thousand titles in exquisite biblical lore, and enticing poetical charm and what more, all presented in classical Sanskrit lyrics. Who would not be tempted to have a try? It enshrines the whole history of Christ, gathered from the New and Old Testaments alike, all in one hymn of adoration, a long litany of praise. You can pray fully recite it then, unawares, in accompanying rhythm; you are transported to the marvelous setting of the Gospels, Psalms, and the Book of Revelation. This is I. C. Chacko's Kristu-Sahasra-Namam, a Christian counterpart of the well know Hindu Vishnu-Sahasra-Namam . Read More

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