Christian Art

“Let the children come to me” (Mt 19:14) 

Acrylic on canvas


M. P. Manoj

Call Number : CA-07-02


Seated under the sacred peepal tree, Jesus welcomes children and imparts to them words of wisdom. The voice of the Divine Guru enamors the children. Even peacocks, parrots, and deers look up to their creator in awesom admiration. For the first time, they glance at their creator in human form. The teacher and the disciples are barefoot and wear colorful cotton fabrics that are native to India. Manoj adapted the traditional Indian mural style of painting and used warm colors of yellow, red, and their shades. The seamless blend of bright colors creates a sense of harmony and festivity.

The picture is at the Principal’s room at Rajagiri Higher Secondary School at Kalamassery, Kerala, India. Manoj is the art teacher at this school.

Joseph J. Palackal

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