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Emare d'alaaha (Lamb of God)

CMSI Ref Number (101-0062)
Title Emare d'alaaha (Lamb of God)
Liturgical Context

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Aramaic Project Recordings

S.No Artist Youtube Link Aramaic Project Number Notes
1. Fr. Mathew Mattam Video 52L  
2. Dr. Jacob Vellian and Rev. Sister Dennis Video 6G  
3. Fr. Probus Perumalil, CMI Video 119  
4. Pappootty Master (Violin) and Bennedy Anikkad (Vocal) Video 139  
5. Papputty Master (Violin instrumental track) Video 179  
6 Benady Anikkad and Papooty Master (on Violin) Video 128  
7. Nikhil Edathinattu CMI and Joby Vadayathukuzhy CMI Video AP 262  
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