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Angelina David

sings a

Christian Kriti

for Communion Meditation

on 29 July, 2018 at St. Joseph Church, Kadavanthara , Kochi

Video Ref. Number : CMSI-240

Ms. Anglina David sings the Christian Classical Kriti "Vigjana Payonidhe" (Ragam -ShankaraBharanam | Taalam -Mishra Chaap) by Shri. Goerge Panjara (an eminent Poet-Composer of Christian Karnatic Classical music)

George Panjara (1938-2017) was a gift from God to Malayalam-speaking Christians in Kerala, especially the Syro Malabar Catholics who failed to unwrap and appreciate him while he was alive. He was an extremely gifted poet-composer who dedicated his life to celebrate his Christian faith through the performance of Karnatic classical music. Also refer his album - malayalam christian classics by Geroge Panjara

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