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What is Christian musicology of India?

Dr. Joseph J. Palackal

speaks at

Dharmaram College, Bangalore on 18-July-2014

Video Ref. Number : CMSI-211


1. Musical analysis of the Malayalam song Pōkuwin pōkuwin yawsēppinte Go, Go to Joseph’s Pādathil pōkuwin snēhathōṭe Feet go, with love.(00:22)

2. Musical analysis of the Syriac chant from the funeral of priests in the Syro Malabar Church: Ēdtâ pūš(y) lēk(y) bašlāmâ: ʾāzēlnâ lî: W ̔āmōrayk(y) bzaddīqūţâ: ṣallāw ͑ lay. O church, remain in peace, I am going; And thy dwellers in righteousness, pray for me (10:10).

3. Musical analysis of the Syriac chant: Bar maryam bar Maryam/ Son of Mar y, son of Mary Bar ̓alāhâ d'yeldas Maryam/ Mary brought forth the Son of God (16:16)

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