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Conference on the Syriac Musical Tradition, Geneva

from 17 to 21, March 2021

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Lectures and Zoom Online meeting

Conference sessions will be held on

Wednesday 17 March 2021, Thursday 18 and Friday 19, from 12h00 to 1500 (GMT+1).

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This conference aims at being an opportunity for exchange and discussion among 18 specialists of the Syriac Musical Tradition or specialists of its influences and exchanges with other traditions. The intention is to review the existing status of works and to revitalize the current research about it. The conference is public and largely open to representatives of the Syriac communities, to HEM and partner Universities students, and to any interested person. Presentations given during the conference will be published. Several concerts are offered to illustrate the conference.

The topics to be discussed develop four streams of analysis:

  1. Sources and development of Syriac Music
  2. Characteristics: Syriac octoechos, modes, tetrachords, composition principles of Syriac melodies
  3. Exchanges and influences between traditions
  4. Preservation and heritage status

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