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The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life


Dr. Sebastian Brock

( University Lecturer in Aramaic and Syriac, Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford)


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This book introduces the little known traditions of Eastern Christianity to a wider audience. The author has translated excerpts from original Syriac books which are not published even today. The book has an exhaustive Bibliography and other supplementry informations for further guidance and research purpose.The world of Christiandom is historically divided into Latin west and Greek East. This book introduces the third stream of ancient Christainity , the Syriac Christianity.

"The Syriac fathers offer the modern heirs of both latin and greek christiandom new, yet ancient and enduring, insights on prayer and the spiritual life." - CISTERCIAN PUBLICATIONS INC.

  • Publishers - CISTERCIAN PUBLICATIONS INC. , Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Year of Publication - 1987
  • ISBN - (hc) 0-87907-601-1 | (pc) 0-87907-901-0
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