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Francesca Pulicken in attendance at the practice session for bilingual Qurbana

9-month old Francesca Claire Pulicken listening to Qandisa Alaha. Nashville, Tennessee, 4 September 2019.

Note: When I saw this video, what attracted me was the peaceful face of the little baby Francesca Clair Pulicken, on the right side of the screen. She seemed quite comfortable and even enjoying the sound and the ambiance. Francesca reminded me of the foregone generation that grew up listening to the sound and melody of the Syriac chants from early childhood. Syriac became part of their religious DNA and it defined who they were. That is why they defended the Syriac tradition against the hegemonic attempts of the Portuguese missionaries to replace Syriac with Latin. Ironically, in the second half of the twentieth century, the Syro Malabar hierarchy, all of them native Syro Malabarians, decided in favor of a complete transition to the vernacular. In 2013, we started a return journey under the banner of the Aramaic Project, and this video is a testimony to how far we have travelled. Francesca’s parents, Diana and Abey Pulicken were part of the choirs that sang during the Qurbana at the Syro Malabar Convention in Chicago (August 1-4, 2019. Diana sang in the English choir and Abey in the Malayalam choir). On the first and the final days, the Qurbana was in Malayalam, and on the second and third days in English. On all the days, Syriac chants were part of the celebration (Aramaic Project 146 , Aramaic Project-145, Aramaic Project-144, Aramaic Project-143). After the Convention, Diana said to me that she was “super motivated” to do something to share her experience of the serenity and spirituality of the Syriac chants with others. Abey went along with it. When they returned to Nashville, Tennesse, they suggested the idea of singing Qandisa Alaha during the Qurbana on the feast of the patron of their parish, Mother Theresa of Culcutta. What we see in the video is the practice session at the home of Reshma, one of the choir members. We are grateful to Diana and Abey for being part of a great movement and for allowing us to post this video on our channel. We have a long wait to see what Francesca's generation would do with its Syriac heritage. May God bless the Syro Malabar Mission in Nashville, Tennesse.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
10 September 2019



Residence of Abey and Diana Pulickan,Nashville, Tennesse, USA

4 September, 2019