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Ennaana lahma (I am the Bead that came down from heaven)

എനനാനാ ലഹ് മാ

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CMSI Ref. Number 101-0032
Title Ennaana Lahma
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എന്നാനാ ലഹ്‌മാ ഹയ്യാ ദ് മിൻ ശ് മയ്യാ നെഹത്തെസ്

എന്നാനാ ലഹ്‌മാ ദ് നെഹത്തെസ് മിൻ റൗമാ

എമ്മർ പാറോഖൻ ബ് റാസാ ല് സൽമീദാവ്

കോൽമൻ ദവ്ഹൂബാ ഖാറേവ് നാസേവ് ലീ

ഹായേ ബീ ല്ആലം യാറേസ് മൽകൂസാ

Ennānā lahmā hayyā dmin šmayyā nehatheṯ/ I am the living bread that descended from heaven

Ennā nā lahmā d’nehtheṯ min rāuma/ I am the bread that descended from above

Emmar pārōqan b’rāzā l’ṯamīdāw/ Our Lord said about this mystery to his disciples

Kolman dawhūbā qārēw nāsēw lī/ Everyone who approaches and receives me with love

Hāyē bī l’ālam yārēṯ malkūṯā. Will live in me forever and will inherit the Kingdom.

Ennā = I
nā = am
lahmā = bread (living bread) or bread of life
hayyā = life
d’ = (that) which
min = from
šmayyā = heaven
nehatheṯ = has descended
ennā nā ==I am (the the bread that has descended from the Spirit)-- John does not have reference to RUHA
lahmā ==bread
d’nehtheṯ min = descended from
rāuma = above
emmar = said
pārōqan = our savior
b’rāzā = about this mystery
l’ṯalmīdāw = to his disciples
kolman = everyone
dawhūbā =who in love
qārēw =approaches
nāsēw =and receives
lī =me
Hāyē =will live
bī = in me
l’ālam = for ever
yārēṯ = (and) inherit
malkūṯā = the kingdom.

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